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Greetings one and all, as my name would suggest I am Sitruc, Lord of a 1x1 plot of land which makes it an official title so long as I keep paying the subscription. My role at Raycast Games and Stardive Studios is Games Designer.


I am an inhabitant of the United Kingdom, my passion for gaming began when I was young as I enjoyed the company of my Nintendo DS and Play Station consoles and my Warhammer 40k models. My gaming hobby had eventually evolved as I joined the PC gaming community where I have experienced a wider variety of games and which eventually lead me to join a Computer Games Design course at university.

All About Me

Being a Games Designer I have a multitude of honed and developing skills that are a part of my arsenal for the design of a games mechanics, story and level design. My passion for the development of games lies with building the rules story and worlds that govern a game and the world it takes place. I have small amount of artistic skill suitable for concepts and I am currently learning programming so that I can better improve my skills.

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