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Val. Jacques

introducing MicroRay's...

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We all started small, Raycast Games™ is no different.

As newcomers to the video game development scene, We at Raycast Games™ want to deliver on truly unique and solid Gameplay mechanics. Instead of testing these mechanics behind the curtain we decided to create a new kind of "Beta Program" called "MicroRay's". These are small 1 week to 1 month projects that will allow us, and you, to get a good feeling of how these mechanics will work. And it allows you to dig in an enjoy the experiences we are trying to create earlier than even Alpha stages. Some of these projects will work out really well, and some wont, but they will be a fun and rewarding experience all the same. And best of all, they are free.


TL;DR; MicroRay's are small games, each crafted in a short period of time, aimed at experimenting game mechanisms & concepts, our ability to work as teams as well as making ourselves known!


While we get to work, sit back & relax, take this journey with us & enjoy yourselves! 😃

~ Valentin


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