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  • All classes are currently being worked on and may change at any time. That being said, all classes are just tentative.

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    Val. Jacques

    Type: DPS


    Class Perk 1: Master of Camouflage: Tall Grass & deep water count as camouflage (camouflaged character are similar to character outside the enemy's view.) The character can use any water as ‘walkable’ terrain.


    Class Perk 2: The Eye of the Tiger: The character marks enemies when attacking them, only 1 enemy can be marked at a time, a mark gives Health Erosion to the enemy: Eroded Health is health taken out of the total HP & unable to be healed, until the mark is removed, either by the character changing target or the character (shachihoko or the marked enemy) being incapacitated. Each mark (given by an attack) deals 10% erosion for a total of 5 marks for 50% health erosion.


    Class Déficit: lower HP, melee focused, requires setting-up for maximum effectiveness; isn’t very effective in the first turns, requires hiding ground & very weak to electricity because of all his water related abilities.


    Playstyle: With his high damage ability & large movements, harass the enemy by marking them with simple attacks & deal a crushing blow when the time is right; Shachihoko is a menace to the enemies; the tiger hidden in the bushes, flowing like water.


    Possible Ability 1: Sprinkler: Spray water in a 7x7 square around; extinguish fires & render hit characters & enemies ‘wet’; rendering them immune to fire, more sensible to electricity, etc. The ‘wet’ status falls off with time, depending on the weather. (While actual rain does the same, this ability can be used indoor & when it’s not raining, if the climate isn’t too hot.)


    Possible Ability 2: Torrent/Waterfall: Launches a Water-Jet in a 3x5 square line; the jet gains power for the 2 first squares & loses it for the last 2 (33, 66, 100, 66, 33); The use of Waterfall isn’t to deal damage, even if it does, as its main power is to push enemies ; every time the ability hits an enemy it pushes them of 1 square & loses 15% of its power, in addition to the original lose.


    Possible Ability 3: Jet cutter: Launches a high pressure water jet in a 10 square line, The closer it hits,  the higher the damage is; 100%, 90%, 80%, etc.


    Possible Ability 4: Tiger’s Bite: Deal Great damage on 1 square. Attacks in the back deal double damage, Surprise attack also adds 100% more damage; for a 300% damage in case of a surprise back attack.

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