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  • All classes are currently being worked on and may change at any time. That being said, all classes are just tentative.

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    Val. Jacques

    Type: Ranged DPS


    Class Perk 1: I spy with my little eyes: The character’s vision is superior to normal classes; it can see further than most & his field of view is enlarged.


    Class Perk 2: Blood-curling Sight: When an enemy sees the character, he’ll get a defense malus (negative bonus) & an attack bonus for 2-3 turns. If the character hides again, he can be re-spotted & give the bonus again.


    Class Déficit: weaker than average HP & defense, but with above average melee & great ranged damage. Takes good planning & a few turns to get the best of the character.


    Playstyle: Acts like a hunter: spot your prey, dive in for an attack & roll out before you get hurt; rinse & repeat.


    Weapons: Kunai / Bo shuriken (throwing darts)


    Possible Ability 1: Golden Roll: Can roll in any of the 4 direction until an obstacle is hit or 10 squares are travelled.


    Possible Ability 2: Predatory Jump: travels 1 to 5 squares & can pass over obstacles. Cannot land on enemies. Gives a movement malus to enemies in a 3x3 square around the landing square & push off 1 square for those who are next to the landing square.


    Possible Ability 3: Urticant Cloud: Produce a 2x3 square cloud of ‘poison’ next to the character’s position (kinda like a T with the bar of the T being the player’s position). The cloud disappear after a turn & any enemy stepping in it has reduced movement for x turns (1-3)


    Possible Ability 4: Wire Web: Creates a wire wall/trap which stops enemy movement but can still be shot through & can be destroyed.

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