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  1. Val. Jacques

    introducing MicroRay's...

    We all started small, Raycast Games™ is no different. As newcomers to the video game development scene, We at Raycast Games™ want to deliver on truly unique and solid Gameplay mechanics. Instead of testing these mechanics behind the curtain we decided to create a new kind of "Beta Program" called "MicroRay's". These are small 1 week to 1 month projects that will allow us, and you, to get a good feeling of how these mechanics will work. And it allows you to dig in an enjoy the experiences we are trying to create earlier than even Alpha stages. Some of these projects will work out really well, and some wont, but they will be a fun and rewarding experience all the same. And best of all, they are free. TL;DR; MicroRay's are small games, each crafted in a short period of time, aimed at experimenting game mechanisms & concepts, our ability to work as teams as well as making ourselves known! While we get to work, sit back & relax, take this journey with us & enjoy yourselves! 😃 ~ Valentin
  2. Val. Jacques


    Type: Ranged DPS Class Perk 1: I spy with my little eyes: The character’s vision is superior to normal classes; it can see further than most & his field of view is enlarged. Class Perk 2: Blood-curling Sight: When an enemy sees the character, he’ll get a defense malus (negative bonus) & an attack bonus for 2-3 turns. If the character hides again, he can be re-spotted & give the bonus again. Class Déficit: weaker than average HP & defense, but with above average melee & great ranged damage. Takes good planning & a few turns to get the best of the character. Playstyle: Acts like a hunter: spot your prey, dive in for an attack & roll out before you get hurt; rinse & repeat. Weapons: Kunai / Bo shuriken (throwing darts) Possible Ability 1: Golden Roll: Can roll in any of the 4 direction until an obstacle is hit or 10 squares are travelled. Possible Ability 2: Predatory Jump: travels 1 to 5 squares & can pass over obstacles. Cannot land on enemies. Gives a movement malus to enemies in a 3x3 square around the landing square & push off 1 square for those who are next to the landing square. Possible Ability 3: Urticant Cloud: Produce a 2x3 square cloud of ‘poison’ next to the character’s position (kinda like a T with the bar of the T being the player’s position). The cloud disappear after a turn & any enemy stepping in it has reduced movement for x turns (1-3) Possible Ability 4: Wire Web: Creates a wire wall/trap which stops enemy movement but can still be shot through & can be destroyed.
  3. Val. Jacques


    Type: DPS Class Perk 1: Master of Camouflage: Tall Grass & deep water count as camouflage (camouflaged character are similar to character outside the enemy's view.) The character can use any water as ‘walkable’ terrain. Class Perk 2: The Eye of the Tiger: The character marks enemies when attacking them, only 1 enemy can be marked at a time, a mark gives Health Erosion to the enemy: Eroded Health is health taken out of the total HP & unable to be healed, until the mark is removed, either by the character changing target or the character (shachihoko or the marked enemy) being incapacitated. Each mark (given by an attack) deals 10% erosion for a total of 5 marks for 50% health erosion. Class Déficit: lower HP, melee focused, requires setting-up for maximum effectiveness; isn’t very effective in the first turns, requires hiding ground & very weak to electricity because of all his water related abilities. Playstyle: With his high damage ability & large movements, harass the enemy by marking them with simple attacks & deal a crushing blow when the time is right; Shachihoko is a menace to the enemies; the tiger hidden in the bushes, flowing like water. Possible Ability 1: Sprinkler: Spray water in a 7x7 square around; extinguish fires & render hit characters & enemies ‘wet’; rendering them immune to fire, more sensible to electricity, etc. The ‘wet’ status falls off with time, depending on the weather. (While actual rain does the same, this ability can be used indoor & when it’s not raining, if the climate isn’t too hot.) Possible Ability 2: Torrent/Waterfall: Launches a Water-Jet in a 3x5 square line; the jet gains power for the 2 first squares & loses it for the last 2 (33, 66, 100, 66, 33); The use of Waterfall isn’t to deal damage, even if it does, as its main power is to push enemies ; every time the ability hits an enemy it pushes them of 1 square & loses 15% of its power, in addition to the original lose. Possible Ability 3: Jet cutter: Launches a high pressure water jet in a 10 square line, The closer it hits, the higher the damage is; 100%, 90%, 80%, etc. Possible Ability 4: Tiger’s Bite: Deal Great damage on 1 square. Attacks in the back deal double damage, Surprise attack also adds 100% more damage; for a 300% damage in case of a surprise back attack.
  4. Val. Jacques


    Type: Support Class Perk 1: Carried by the wind: The character is only sensible to surprise or certain ranged attacks; in addition, pushing actions are doubled (if the ability is supposed to push 1 square, the character will be pushed by 2). [a surprise attack is an attack performed by an enemy who was completely hidden, if his position is known it’s not a surprise attack.] A lot of obstacles count as walkable ground (like Kasha class) Class Perk 2: Caring light: In a 5x5 radius around, enemies are automatically detected & Allies are healed slightly each turns. Class Déficit: Extremely sensible to fire; any attack which hits deal +50% damage. Playstyle: Support other characters but requires certain protection. Keep close to allies & be aware of your blind spots. Weapons: HIYA TAIHOU (Samurai Rocket Launcher) Possible Ability 1: Fire Breath: Create a 5 square line of fire in a chosen direction: characters (allies & enemies) next to the line will be pushed on the side & those caught in the line will receive great damage & catch fire. Possible Ability 2: Light as air: The character levitates for 3 turns, preventing classic melee attacks to hit him & allowing him to ‘walk’ over certain obstacles. Note that the character can still be pushed by certain abilities & will be targetable by ranged attacks which are normally impossible due to, for example, walls. The character can decide to cancel the ability any time. If the character is not over safe ground when the ability is canceled, he can possibly be killed. Possible Ability 3: Sake!: The character has a drink; some of his HP will be restored & his abilities will be more powerful. The ability can be used on other characters. Possible Ability 4: Taunt: The character targets an enemy; making that enemy & himself unable to hide; they both receive more damage from each others.
  5. Val. Jacques

    Hound Master

    Type: Support/Defense - DPS/Tank Class Perk 1: Fury: the character has 4 levels of fury; each level gives him a speed, damage & HP boost; when fury reaches the fifth level, he gets additional boosts, but after x (3) turns he becomes exhausted, returns to level 1 of fury & loses all his bonus HP (which can “kill” him). He gets one level of fury by: having one of his dogs killed, losing half of his HP or by using his rage ability. Class Perk 2: Flair: Hidden enemies can be detected; as long as there are no walls or smoke between them. (if there are 5 “empty” squares between them the enemy is detected.) this passive ability is automatically used every start of a turn. Class déficit: “Base form” is weak on attack, relying on his dogs; he starts off weaker than most other classes, but ramps up thanks to his ‘fury’. Playstyle: Zone control & defense: has a very limited movement but large area control; his level 4 fury transforms him into a high damage DPS which you can basically throw into combat. Weapons: Tekko-kagi (claws of death) or tekki (brass knuckle) Possible Ability 1: You cannot hide: The detection of flair is expended to 10 squares. for 1 round. Possible Ability 2: The hunt begins: expands the patrol area of the dogs and offers a fury level, boosting the hound master & his hounds. After 2 rounds the pattern goes back to normal & the houndmaster can move again. Though the fury level remains. Possible Ability 3: Release the hounds: release the chains of the hounds for 3 turns: the hounds will move forward the closest enemy that is detected. Possible Ability 4: Pounce; is only usable in “rage form” (level 4 fury). The Houndmaster can tackle an enemy to the ground, greatly limiting the enemy’s actions & dealing great damage. the tackle lasts 3 rounds, but can be stopped if the tackled player can beat the tackler in a game of rock, paper, scissors, spock, lizard. Every time the tackled loses a game of rock paper scissors spock lizard. he will receive high damage. Additional Notes: the hounds’ pattern are as described: the first hound (total is 2) rotates around the houndmaster clockwise (in a 3x3 grid, the houndmaster is 5, the hound starts 1, goes 2, then 3, the 6, then 9, etc.) the other hound rotate around the first one, in a 5x5 grid: he’s on opposite square & rotate reverse clockwise (one is 1. The 1 goes on 6, the 25 goes on 20.) When the ‘hunts begin’, the first hound rotates on the 5x5 layer & the 2 others on the 9x9 ---- Beast ideas: Dogs (3) ; wolves (2) ; Bear (1)
  6. Val. Jacques


    Type: Support Class Perk 1: Blizzard: Extinguish fire around him in a 3x3 square radius with every ability/end of movement/end of turn. Class Perk 2: Swift as the wind: isn’t spotted if his movement starts & end outside enemies’ views. Class Déficit: Low Defense & HP. Playstyle: Hit & Run tactics & assassinations; stay at safe distance from enemies as he’s agile but nimble. Weapons: Katana or Bo (long staff) Possible Ability 1: Smoke Bomb Kunai: ranged ability which sticks a smoke bomb on its target. Has a timer for 1 to 3 rounds & set by the player.The smoke bomb explodes in a line perpendicular to the throwing line. Possible Ability 2: Charge: The character charges for a melee attack on a maximum path of 5 squares: each squares in a straight line grants ⅓ additional damage and each 90° turn divide the damage by 2. (Damage base being the weapon) Possible Ability 3: Tornado: The character attracts enemies towards his position in a clockwise way in a 5x5 square radius around him. Possible Ability 4: The 4 winds: The character pushes enemies in the 4 directions in lines of 4 squares: Any enemies caught in a line is pushed to the end of it. If several enemies are in a line they are pushed to the end of the line, with the closest to the player starting at the first square outside the line.

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