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    Hi guys! Some of you will surely know me already, but for those who have never heard of me, you can find a bit about me below: My (shortened) name is Rick, I'm from Portugal but I currently like in the United Kingdom. I'm a big Naruto fan (well, duh...), and of course I love gaming - I mainly play Rocket League and PUBG (as Leebzy said, "Fuck Fortnite") on PC, but will be maining the shit outta The Last of Us: Part II when that comes out... I've been with Ayphix for the past 5 years, after finding this project before Ayphix took over when looking for any Naruto MMORPG, and it had so much potential, but (not so) sadly the owners let the project die out, and once @Fayte took over the project I decided to be a more active part too, so I applied for the open Community Director spot (since I don't know nuffink about coding or programming or whateves), and I've held that ever since... So yeah, there you have it. I'll be seeing you around 😉

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