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    Hey there, Welcome to the Forums why don't you introduce yourself right here just in a comment?
  3. Revennaras

    Read - Important

    What is Dracaena? Dracaena is a multiplayer online battle arena game with heavy PvE & platformer elements. Set in the adventures corners of the world, it packs the thrill of platformer games into a moba-based format. Where can I find Dracaena? Website: Coming soon! Twitter: Coming soon! Facebook: Coming soon! Twitch: Coming soon! YouTube: Coming soon! Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamImpactMoba/ On which platforms will Dracaena be available? We will release on PC first, This will be followed by a mobile release on ios and android. System Requirements Min Specs: OS: Windows 7 64bit, Processor: Intel i5 @ 1.7GHz (5th Generation) or AMD Ryzen 3 1200, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 TI or AMD Radeon R9370 Rec Specs: OS: Windows 10 64 bit, Processor: Intel i5 @ 3.2 GHz (6th Generation) or AMD Ryzen 5 1400, Memory: 12 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB or AMD Radeon R9 390X When will Dracaena be released? Dracaena will be released as an Early Access title at Steam. There is not a release date yet. How much will the game cost? The game will be free to play but will contain micro transaction products with a non pay to win focus. What engine does the game use? We're developing Dracaena with the lastest version of Unity. (https://unity3d.com) Language Support At the moment we have English, Chinese and Russian, more languages are coming! What anti cheat system do you guys use? We will use EasyAntiCheat. What game modes will be available? At launch Dracaena will have 3 lanes mode. After launch, we will test other modes with the community and focus on maximizing the use of the map. 3 Lanes - mode follows the same basic course: 1. Destroy the target base through a hostile sandbox environment. 2. Kill your target—the boss monster. 3. Destroy towers to make it towards your target. 4. Kill enemy heroes and minions on the way towards the target. 5. Farm jungle minions for xp and money. 6. Find the secret ways into the tombs for boosters or deadly enemies. How many people are in one match? Matches can have up to 10 players, these 10 players are made up out of solo players and party players. So you could be in a match with 5 solo players or 1 party of 5 players for example. The amount of players does depends on the mode you are playing. Can other players join the game once the round has started? No. Once a round has begun, no new players can join. No exceptions. Can I play with friends? Yes you can play with friends. You can find them in the friend & party menu. Just hit invite to invite your friend to a party with you and join together a certain game mode. How does progression work? Even in death, you will progress up the mastery & player ranks via your Bloodline. When a character dies, the XP from assists after your death still count in go into your mastery and player rank progression. If you win the match, the money and experience you earn will be doubled allow you to level up and kit out new heroes, skins, cosmetics & runes. Is there a item shop? No there is no item shop in Dracaena your build exists out of different types of runes what can give mana boosts, increased damge or other bonusses ingame.
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    @GodNaruto Great to have you back bro! The team is getting back together let's do thiiiiiissss!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!! But no seriously, SR is still a thing : D
  7. GodNaruto


    Hi guys! Some of you will surely know me already, but for those who have never heard of me, you can find a bit about me below: My (shortened) name is Rick, I'm from Portugal but I currently like in the United Kingdom. I'm a big Naruto fan (well, duh...), and of course I love gaming - I mainly play Rocket League and PUBG (as Leebzy said, "Fuck Fortnite") on PC, but will be maining the shit outta The Last of Us: Part II when that comes out... I've been with Ayphix for the past 5 years, after finding this project before Ayphix took over when looking for any Naruto MMORPG, and it had so much potential, but (not so) sadly the owners let the project die out, and once @Fayte took over the project I decided to be a more active part too, so I applied for the open Community Director spot (since I don't know nuffink about coding or programming or whateves), and I've held that ever since... So yeah, there you have it. I'll be seeing you around 😉
  8. Fayte

    My Anniversary

    My Anniversary
  9. Fayte

    uofm cardiology

  10. Fayte

    The Secret Life of Pets

    To see detailed information for automatically created events like this one, use the official Google Calendar app. https://g.co/calendar This event was created from an email you received in Gmail. https://mail.google.com/mail?extsrc=cal&plid=ACUX6DPApPbJhmtB7qEuLKjf-PGGohr7SUIu9ro
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    To see detailed information for automatically created events like this one, use the official Google Calendar app. https://g.co/calendar This event was created from an email you received in Gmail. https://mail.google.com/mail?extsrc=cal&plid=ACUX6DP3zDAtFxbgTsgOUahibZo6jiqp03gW_58
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  13. Fayte

    Test 2

    Test 2
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    Implement saving/loading of decks.
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  16. Fayte

    Finish Scene Manager.

    Finish Scene Manager.
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    Start implementing 3D in the engine. the engine.
  18. Val. Jacques

    introducing MicroRay's...

    We all started small, Raycast Games™ is no different. As newcomers to the video game development scene, We at Raycast Games™ want to deliver on truly unique and solid Gameplay mechanics. Instead of testing these mechanics behind the curtain we decided to create a new kind of "Beta Program" called "MicroRay's". These are small 1 week to 1 month projects that will allow us, and you, to get a good feeling of how these mechanics will work. And it allows you to dig in an enjoy the experiences we are trying to create earlier than even Alpha stages. Some of these projects will work out really well, and some wont, but they will be a fun and rewarding experience all the same. And best of all, they are free. TL;DR; MicroRay's are small games, each crafted in a short period of time, aimed at experimenting game mechanisms & concepts, our ability to work as teams as well as making ourselves known! While we get to work, sit back & relax, take this journey with us & enjoy yourselves! 😃 ~ Valentin
  19. I made a first person RPG in just under 5 hours. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to add REAL gameplay. But I'm proud of what I accomplished in that time. You can try it out by clicking Here
  20. Leebzy

    Lord of the Realm

    A fellow Brit? I thought I was the only one ?
  21. Leebzy

    The Name Is G.P

    Good to see you around GP! ?
  22. Fayte

    Beware: New Member

    @Bloody_Amarok Reminds me a lot of .Hack//Sign and I guess it really depends on what said game offers and what I can and can't do in that game.
  23. Bloody_Amarok

    Beware: New Member

    Thanks everyone. @GhostParadise, I have to say "Sign me up" when they day comes when we get sucked into the game. I think it would be very interesting when things are life in death. Just imagine how people change and how much yourself would change, for better and worse. I think the element of life or death would make the gaming experience "out of this world". What about you @Fayte? What's your thoughts about being in a life or death game, a game that you love of course...
  24. GhostParadise

    Beware: New Member

    @Bloody_Amarok Welcome!! I'm glad to see someone with similar interests, I started out fixing Xbox 360 red ring issues way back because my brother would fix all his buddy's issues. After that I spent a year looking up tutorials on how to take apart a computer and how to build one, I took apart an Old Compaq 1998 computer and put it back together. Then I moved on and built my own first Gaming rig then, I got into programming and a little bit on Game design in General. I took C# and JAVA on my senior and Junior years of high school. Btw I like Sao also, with current VR headsets they're lacking but this new company called neuralink I have my hopes up a little but it also is sketchy. I really don't want to be stuck in a game nor have my brain hacked! Neuralink isn't really intended for VR. It can definitely make it happen though. Anyway, I'm glad to see someone in similar interests and I welcome you!
  25. Fayte

    Beware: New Member

    @Bloody_Amarok You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you around here. Welcome to the Ayphix Family, @Bloody_Amarok has been a long-time friend of mine and life has kinda made us lose touch a little bit but I'm glad to see you around and I hope to see more of you.
  26. Val. Jacques

    Beware: New Member

    Welcome Bloody_Amarok! We're all very happy that you could join us! We hope you'll enjoy your time with the Ayphix Family! ?
  27. Bloody_Amarok

    Beware: New Member

    Hello, My name is Kyle. I have a few gamer tags I use; Bloody_Amarok, TheRevNightmare, Gurdy, and Guertin. Mainly play PC and PS4, but also own the Xbox One and Nintendo WII U. I like a variety of games, but you'll see me playing COD or Battlefield online. I like Dragon Age Origins, Sword Art Online, Diablo 2, and others. Probably guessed by the SAO title, but I like watching anime. I feel like I'm on the techy side, but no where near programming level. I've built computers and can figure out most problems with them. I've known Fayte and thissone since middle school. It's fair to say because of those two and many, MANY hours of Battlefield 2 with Ventrilo that I've become a PC guy. Thissone built my first gaming computer and been hooked ever since. I may not have the "programmer" knowledge, but always been intrigued by the idea. Possibility of seeing the famous [HHZ] reunion? ? Kindly, Bloody_Amarok
  28. Val. Jacques


    Type: Ranged DPS Class Perk 1: I spy with my little eyes: The character’s vision is superior to normal classes; it can see further than most & his field of view is enlarged. Class Perk 2: Blood-curling Sight: When an enemy sees the character, he’ll get a defense malus (negative bonus) & an attack bonus for 2-3 turns. If the character hides again, he can be re-spotted & give the bonus again. Class Déficit: weaker than average HP & defense, but with above average melee & great ranged damage. Takes good planning & a few turns to get the best of the character. Playstyle: Acts like a hunter: spot your prey, dive in for an attack & roll out before you get hurt; rinse & repeat. Weapons: Kunai / Bo shuriken (throwing darts) Possible Ability 1: Golden Roll: Can roll in any of the 4 direction until an obstacle is hit or 10 squares are travelled. Possible Ability 2: Predatory Jump: travels 1 to 5 squares & can pass over obstacles. Cannot land on enemies. Gives a movement malus to enemies in a 3x3 square around the landing square & push off 1 square for those who are next to the landing square. Possible Ability 3: Urticant Cloud: Produce a 2x3 square cloud of ‘poison’ next to the character’s position (kinda like a T with the bar of the T being the player’s position). The cloud disappear after a turn & any enemy stepping in it has reduced movement for x turns (1-3) Possible Ability 4: Wire Web: Creates a wire wall/trap which stops enemy movement but can still be shot through & can be destroyed.
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