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  1. I made a first person RPG in just under 5 hours. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to add REAL gameplay. But I'm proud of what I accomplished in that time. You can try it out by clicking Here
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    @Bloody_Amarok Reminds me a lot of .Hack//Sign and I guess it really depends on what said game offers and what I can and can't do in that game.
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    @Bloody_Amarok You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you around here. Welcome to the Ayphix Family, @Bloody_Amarok has been a long-time friend of mine and life has kinda made us lose touch a little bit but I'm glad to see you around and I hope to see more of you.
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    I'm Briar

    Well you're certainly a pain in my a**. J/K I am glad to have you here though.
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    I'm Briar

    Holarino Briarino! You could have used monodesigns if you wanted 😜 but welcome! (we do more than just games too)
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    I'm Rue. ^.^

    Welcome babe!
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    The Name Is G.P

    -cue sexy music-
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    Type: Tank Class Perk 1: Soft Landing: isn’t stunned when thrown on the ground & gets up directly from getting knocked down. Class Perk 2: Deflect: melee attacks are deflected automatically. Class déficit: No classic or ranged attacks: low DPS Playstyle: Area control & Denial: Use him as an impassable wall. Weapons: Manriki-Musari (chains with weights at the end.) Or Kyoketsu-Shoge (ropes with blades & discs at each ends. Possible Ability 1: chain Vortex: The Character spins his chains in a circle & pushes any enemies hitting it. Or, it could deal damage multiple times in a zone; every time it passes through an enemy. Possible Ability 2: Wall of Chains: The character throws is chains in a straight lines with him as the center, blocking the way to large objects. Possible Ability 3: Mount Earthquake: The character hits several times the ground in front & behind him in a Cross shape shape. Possible Ability 4: Long Reach: The character throws his combined chains in a direction, with long range; deal moderate damage & pushes in a line.
  9. Fayte


    Type: Support/DPS Class Perk 1: Feline Agility: Fences, poles and other type of decor elements counts as usable terrain. [Should characters count? I find it funny to perch your assassin on your enemies’ head] Class Perk 2: Nyctalope: The character & the cat can see in the dark: dark zones in their field of vision don’t hide enemies. Class déficit: Very low HP, no ranged or special attacks. Require a very cautious playstyle. Playstyle: Assassin & Scout; while you can simply focus on attacking enemies, you can also use both the character & the cat to trick enemies; like in chess, you can put other characters in check & ‘schrodinger’ them… Get it? Schrodinger’s Cat… Huh. Do note that the character deals more damage & has more hp, the cat has better movement & vision: the cat is a better scout & the character a better assassin.(edited) Weapons: Kakute (death ring) or Nekota (claw-like weapon) Possible Ability 1: Cat Confusion: The character can swap places with his cat, wherever he is on the terrain. They can even swap places when fallen (fallen cat to character or fallen character to cat. If one of the 2 is fallen when swapping, the one to take the fallen’s place will be fallen. [not sure: If both are fallen they can still swap?] Possible Ability 2: Hiss: Both the character & the cat can hiss: When they do they give a malus (negative bonus) to enemies 2 squares away from them & push back those next to them. [The Hiss can be used separately.] Possible Ability 3: Affection: The character can use this ability on a character next to him as to give them a boost in attack & defense. The character’s boost is stronger than the cat’s (character’s is double the cat’s.). If the character & the cat are next to each other they will be boosted even more. Possible Ability 4: On alert: The character & the cat put themselves on alert: they will ignore all normal attacks for 1 turn.
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    Exit light, enter tkblackknight

    Hello new friend! Welcome new friend! Going away now new friend...
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    Hi! I am new.

    Welcome Leebz! (he's totally new, absolutely, take it from me. Never seen this guy in my life!) Glad to see you here bro!
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    Introduction Hello! I am Fayte, the CEO of Ayphix Entertainment LLC and Raycast Games, I am also part owner of Stardive Studios. Background I started Ayphix Entertainment LLC when I was only 12 I wanted to make video games and wouldn't take no for an answer. So my parent's got me a good gaming PC for my birthday and I taught myself to code. Over the years Ayphix has grown and morphed into many different things and I knew that a separation was needed, therefore Raycast Games and Stardive Studios were born! All about me I am a programmer, fur parent, gamer, husband, son and all around tech geek.I became a gamer at a young age when my dad bought me and my brother a N64 for my birthday. I learned to read using Super Mario 64 with the help of my mom, (yes, I thought you had to throw king bob-omb off the mountain...). My dad got me into PC gaming and we played FPS games and MMORPG's for a long time together. I've always had a passion for video games and I love coding I also have a real creative streak I love creating worlds and characters and being a programmer bringing those things to life in a way you can experience for yourself is the most fulfilling thing I can think of. I hope you all enjoy the games and software we create!
  13. Welcome! Welcome to the new forums! We've made an investment into our website by purchasing Invision Power Community to give our users the best experience possible. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact me if you run across any issues! What is the "Ayphix Family?" The Ayphix Family is a family of companies owned and operated by Ayphix Entertainment LLC and these forums are where they meld. The companies are as follows: Ayphix Entertainment LLC : Software Raycast Games: Games & Games Software Woodward Games: Games Directory Stardive Studios: Games