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    Introduction Greetings one and all, as my name would suggest I am Sitruc, Lord of a 1x1 plot of land which makes it an official title so long as I keep paying the subscription. My role at Raycast Games and Stardive Studios is Games Designer. Background I am an inhabitant of the United Kingdom, my passion for gaming began when I was young as I enjoyed the company of my Nintendo DS and Play Station consoles and my Warhammer 40k models. My gaming hobby had eventually evolved as I joined the PC gaming community where I have experienced a wider variety of games and which eventually lead me to join a Computer Games Design course at university. All About Me Being a Games Designer I have a multitude of honed and developing skills that are a part of my arsenal for the design of a games mechanics, story and level design. My passion for the development of games lies with building the rules story and worlds that govern a game and the world it takes place. I have small amount of artistic skill suitable for concepts and I am currently learning programming so that I can better improve my skills.
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    Welcome! Welcome to the new forums! We've made an investment into our website by purchasing Invision Power Community to give our users the best experience possible. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact me if you run across any issues! What is the "Ayphix Family?" The Ayphix Family is a family of companies owned and operated by Ayphix Entertainment LLC and these forums are where they meld. The companies are as follows: Ayphix Entertainment LLC : Software Raycast Games: Games & Games Software Woodward Games: Games Directory Stardive Studios: Games
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    Hello, My name is Kyle. I have a few gamer tags I use; Bloody_Amarok, TheRevNightmare, Gurdy, and Guertin. Mainly play PC and PS4, but also own the Xbox One and Nintendo WII U. I like a variety of games, but you'll see me playing COD or Battlefield online. I like Dragon Age Origins, Sword Art Online, Diablo 2, and others. Probably guessed by the SAO title, but I like watching anime. I feel like I'm on the techy side, but no where near programming level. I've built computers and can figure out most problems with them. I've known Fayte and thissone since middle school. It's fair to say because of those two and many, MANY hours of Battlefield 2 with Ventrilo that I've become a PC guy. Thissone built my first gaming computer and been hooked ever since. I may not have the "programmer" knowledge, but always been intrigued by the idea. Possibility of seeing the famous [HHZ] reunion? 😉 Kindly, Bloody_Amarok
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    Hi, My name is Leebzy and I am definitely new to Ayphix and the fam. I hope to settle in and make lots of friends! Likes: League of Legends, being right and mobile games. Dislikes: Riot Games, being wrong and Fortnite. Fuck Fortnite.
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    -cue sexy music-
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    Hi I'm Keith. Heres some things I like: Games, Tech, Myself, Programming, Being anti-social. Heres some things I don't like: Everything else. As you can see we have a lot in common and we should be best friends. Hello new best friends 🙂 Now go away and leave me alone 💀
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    Welcome Leebz! (he's totally new, absolutely, take it from me. Never seen this guy in my life!) Glad to see you here bro!
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    Hello Everyone I'm GhostParadise One of the Game Designers here. I feel it's in my best interest to let the community know who I am with a little introduction. However in the future you'll get to know me even better here at RayCast. Here's a little about me: - Nickname GP - Competitive Gamer - VR Enthusiast (Take notes on this one) - Game Designer - Programmer - Full Sail University Online - Major in Game Design Bacholers Types of Games I like: - First Person Shooter (FPS) - Milsim or Simulation and Military Sim - Real Time Strategy - Survival - Open World - MMORPG - AARPG - MEOW (CoE) I look forward to seeing and spending time with all of you!
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    @Bloody_Amarok Welcome!! I'm glad to see someone with similar interests, I started out fixing Xbox 360 red ring issues way back because my brother would fix all his buddy's issues. After that I spent a year looking up tutorials on how to take apart a computer and how to build one, I took apart an Old Compaq 1998 computer and put it back together. Then I moved on and built my own first Gaming rig then, I got into programming and a little bit on Game design in General. I took C# and JAVA on my senior and Junior years of high school. Btw I like Sao also, with current VR headsets they're lacking but this new company called neuralink I have my hopes up a little but it also is sketchy. I really don't want to be stuck in a game nor have my brain hacked! Neuralink isn't really intended for VR. It can definitely make it happen though. Anyway, I'm glad to see someone in similar interests and I welcome you!
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    @Bloody_Amarok You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you around here. Welcome to the Ayphix Family, @Bloody_Amarok has been a long-time friend of mine and life has kinda made us lose touch a little bit but I'm glad to see you around and I hope to see more of you.
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    Welcome Bloody_Amarok! We're all very happy that you could join us! We hope you'll enjoy your time with the Ayphix Family! 😃
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    Hi folks, I'm briar. I work with that Fayte guy. He's pretty cool. I'm not a HUGE video game person any more. Got too much going on in my life, but I do enjoy playing now and again. I'm a web developer/programmer by trade, a mycology novice, parent and guardian, and all around tinkerer by choice.
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    Welcome leebzy! * yeah this guy is totally new* No but in all seriousness, I'm glad you're here. I miss the old days of playing games with you and Toadsage. Can't wait to relive those good old days Cheers!
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    Hello everyone!! I am Rue. Also known as Lady Ayphix in the discord. I am the Wife to Fayte. I am a mother and a full time sales associate at a car dealership. I am new to the game development. I help with thinking of ideas and stories. I have some knowledge in 3D pixel art and animations. I also help manage the Facebook and social media pages. I am excited for everyone to join our family and help grow the Ayphix name and it's dreams!!