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In early 2014 the first version of Softlight Framework was started after many years of planning. The idea was to create a system that could be used to create Web Applications more easily. Being a software company that makes custom software this was imperative to our vision and productivity.

The implementation of this was our block system. I’ll break this down so you can better understand.

Block System…

As new feature's are added, they will be first introduced into the beta ayphix site, which is a direct mirror to the main site with one twist, it has all the new features as they arrive. Which means, things could be broken. If you want to be a part of the beta and stand on the cutting edge. You can do so at the Ayphix Beta Site. There is no…
This is the new Ayphix.com! It is built using our free open-source framework known as Softlight Framework 2. (The original was built on Softlight Framework 1) This website is currently under open beta and there may be some errors. If you see any please use the submit a bug function in the UserCP.